Durable resin, Blistered parts & Jelly fish living in resin tray

Hi all,
Brand new cartridge, brand new tray… Durable resin [10/04/17] these parts have spent 10+10mins in IPA baths.

My first build since replacing the glass cover (see older posts), build was overnight.
parts have blisters where resin has drained (much like my grey resin prints

& weird large gelatinous lump floating around in tray Google Drive: Sign-in

Now filtering contents of tray… may do tank and see whats in there too.

Cant send these parts to my customer, this printer just eats up my time…

contents of filter after filtering resin tank. Mass of congealed resin, 10g.

Remaining contents of Resin Cartridge filtered with no jelly, just a couple of bits of black plastic presumably from the container moulding.

Unfortunately, resin isn’t rated for sustaining aquatic life. Filtering the tank was a great first step and we’ll want to figure out what caused the failure in the first case. Can you upload the .form file just so we can make sure there aren’t any unsupported regions? From the video, it looked like part of the print had fallen into the tank and this is what most likely impacted the other surfaces. This is most often caused either by unsupported regions in the print or by non-adhesion to the build platform.

Maybe that’s why it appears to be a dead one then :wink:

.form file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxALfvgqM6xYdWN1U25ja2JubWM

While I would expect this to print successfully, there are a few changes you might make to the orientation to improve some of the edges and make cleanup a bit easier.

We generally recommend orienting things in the X and Y axis. The idea is to always have the part building off of itself and to avoid large flat areas that need to be bridged. This is how I might orient your parts. You should give this orientation a go and see if the print succeeds. If not, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

Our support pages also have a great video introduction to part orientation that you should check out.

Yep, thanks… i have another print running now, very similar to your suggestion.
One thing i didn’t notice before though is that preform never orientates the same part the same twice…

That is every-time you hit the wizard button, it will give a different solution, INCLUDING a ‘bad’ one like in the first file…

I had thought that there would be an optimal positioning that would be given off the bat for an individual geometry using the default wizard approach. #ithoughtwrong

I’m not overly familiar with the algorithm used for auto-orient, but it does take into account the current orientation of your part. If a part starts as flat on the build platform it will provide one solution. If the parts starts at an angle, it will provide another solution. Given the same starting orientation, it will always provide the same solution. If you want to test this for yourself, you can orient a part flat and then run the auto-orient tool. If you reset the part orientation and run the tool again, it will provide the same result.

Ah, I see, yes. Thanks

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