Draft v2 supports

Has anyone been posting about the new supports Preform generates for Draft V2? (They might be used for other resins too)

Do you know the reason they used this touchpoint shape?

Are you using 0.3mm too?

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Hey Hoolito!

I had to ask around the office a little because I haven’t had the chance to mess with Draft V2 much myself yet, but I can confirm these support touchpoints are normal for that material!

Currently Draft V2 is the only resin using that type of touchpoint structure. :slight_smile:

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These supports are used for Castable Wax 40 as well, but not for the earlier, Castable Wax.

JD Davison
Lab Partners Jewelry

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Intriguing… I wonder what the advantage would be and what are the left behind marks on the model.
I was just investigating Draft v2 in Preform, I haven’t ordered the resin yet.

That touchpoint seems to have a “weak direction” useful for breaking, but this might mean it has a “stronger direction” as well.
Just speculating here…