Download file from Dashboard

Hi, I would like to be able to download the print files from the dashboard.
This is necessary when the person who sliced the file didn’t save it or is absent and changes are needed quickly.

Seems simple to implement as all the files are stored on the printer. Just add the export function.


I like this feature request. I have students at my university do my prints, and they all save them in their own university accounts on the computer they use/log into to set up the prints in preform. So i don’t have access to those files.

Hi @LaurensVanDelm and @oconnorc,

We appreciate the interest but unfortunately we do not allow .form files to be downloaded from the printers or Dashboard for security purposes. The .form files themselves are not actually sent to the printers or Dashboard, but rather the layer-by-layer instructions for the print job that the printer can then carry out. Utilizing a Google Drive or similar cloud-based storage solution might be a good option for students to save their files and upload when they send them to the printer.

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