Dashboard request, optional job archiving

Hi, Formlabs,
With cloud storage being dirt cheap and the storage on my Form 2 beings somewhat limited, I have had to purge jobs to make room for new jobs. While I have the STLs on my PC, I don’t generally save the form job before sending it to the printer. A nice feature would be to have the option in PreForm to check a box that in addition to sending the job to the printer could archive it on the Dashboard for future retrieval and loading to the printer.

In other words, “Hey, Rich, can we print another copy of the version of the part that we printed back on June 12?”

If this was workable, it should be optional.


Why don’t you save the Form files? That is the solution to your problem.

I am aware that that is an option. You then have to match up that file with a date it was printed from the dashboard to find the right file.

The cleanest option would be more memory on the form or the ability to attach an external drive so you don’t have to delete files. This combined with the ability to scroll through the dashboard and then kick off a build on the printer would be a nice solution.