Dose Form 2 need a regular service or the laser head has a lifespan?

My Form 2 used about 3 years and it starts getting problems from couple of months ago. I tried to found the problems, cleaned tank and laser window with IPA, changed the new resin, updated the firmware as well as PreForm. But none of them work.

The problem looks like the cure power is not strong enough which cause the print break after about 2mm height, also left a lot of half cured tiny resin residual in the tank.

Is there a service need for Form 2 every couple of years? Like clean the laser or calibration the power? Or the laser head does have a lifespan, it need to be replaced after certain hours printing?

Thanks for any kind of help.

No reply to a simple question every user would have.

So my experience is, that after about 5-15 liters of resin printed at 25um the optics (mirrors and galvo mirrors) start to degrade and need regular cleaning every 2-5 liters. At about 20 Liters total of resin printed at 25um the laser module itself will be too weak and at that point the printer will need to be repaired or scrapped.

I only print grey at 25um, but if you print at 50, or also other materials, these values might be different.

I suggest contacting support since they can diagnose print failures and give detailed instructions for cleaning.