Does the support base area too large cause the sucker effect to cause Motor jammed?

Recently printed a model, each time motor jammed error occurs in the 78 layer print,
the feeling is that in the printing time of the largest area of the base, the base and
the resin tank generated a huge adsorption force resulting in the return of the z direction being
stuck,The last time I pressed Ignore Error to continue printing, I felt that the resin tank was
slightly lifted at the beginning, and this phenomenon completely disappeared when I started to print
the tree support. I am sorry that my English is not very good. I do not know if the above description
is enough to understand.

I feel this has broken many locking tabs off my resin tanks. I’ve found that virtually every resin tank gets a broken locking tab. Noticed this during the lift cycle and the corner of the tank was lifting about a quarter inch then snapping back down. It should not lift at all.

So, yes, I do think that Preform should allow for the modification of the support base to be made smaller or it should do it automatically when there is no need for a large base. I’ve seen where there are supports at both ends of a large piece and a flat support base area between with no supports on it. That should be eliminated.

I will second this motion. I just recently encountered the two right-hand tabs broken off a resin tank, and I can only point the finger at a large print I’d recently done. I also feel the support base system, while yes recently overhauled, could go further… As an example, if you print a ring shape (for the purposes of this example, oriented parallel with the print bed) , the support base will be a full circle instead of a hollow ring. That could be fixed with a checkbox “Solid Base” (along with “Print Filename on Base” etc.), where if checked means print as always, but if unchecked, leaves any interior base area of X square millimeters or more without supports as a hole?

I have had the same issue.I am printing 9 small parts at a time so there is quite large area of base for the supports on the build platform.You can hear the motor struggling to lift the platform out of the tank.I had had 3 build tanks crack at the left rear locking tab and one tank cracked and leaked resin.I did post aobut this but formlabs have not replied which is pretty disappointing to say the least considering I have spent several thousand dollars buying equipment and resin.I read on other posts that the LT tank is stronger, but this issue needs to be addressed

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