Does it take two days and seven hours to print?

Hello, everyone:
It takes two days and seven hours to print 25 micron 6700 layers. Is it normal? Two days have passed, and now the upstairs has suddenly begun to decorate…

If the object were very thin you’d expect it to be faster than that. But if there is a reasonable amount of material going down per-layer, two days sounds about right. I’ve had 24-hour prints at 50 microns with around 3000-4000 layers.

Generally speaking I believe print time is close to proportional to the volume of material being printed, divided by the layer thickness. It can’t be quite that, as there’s always some start-up time. But it seems to be a good rule of thumb. Do you know the volume of resin going into your print? I think the largest print I’ve ever done is 150mL at 50 microns.

Thank you.
The data just reviewed is 25 microns, 6900 layers, and 77ml, I feel that printing takes more than 24 hours and produces more uncontrollable interference.
And the long wait, in return for printing failure, so far 25 microns has not been perfect success. Update the firmware, it seems to take longer.
Since the nature of my work requires 25 microns mainly, and form2 performs well at 25 microns.