Do the LT Trays Still Have Weak Mounting Tabs?

Just like everyone else, I’m very interested in the new LT trays. I have no reason to argue if the new curing surface lasts 20 times longer than the old tray. BUT the PDMS ISN’T the only weakness of the standard trays:

As pointed out in an earlier thread, a large-base print can create a suction on the tray during lift. As it happens, the tray mounting tabs are as likely to succumb to this suction as the print. Then you get trays like mine in the photo. Two of them so far.

So it’s great that the LT trays have a better curing surface, but if they still have the same tabs, they may not last any longer than the old trays, people will just be far angrier when they break! Has this been remedied?

I have never broken a tab on my old trays. About 7 trays or so and a bunch of printing without a failure.

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We have slightly modified the geometry of the tabs and we have changed the plastic type, which should reduce instances of the tabs snapping off.

I’ve never had a tab snap on me before, so two sounds pretty high. What are you printing?

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I have a lot of such resin tanks. Throw away

Happened to me as well with the orange tank printing large parts.

It’s caused by suction of the print base against the PDMS, and that suction is directly proportional to the base size. Thus, It’s more likely to happen from printing one large object than several small ones. So if you normally print small items, even many in one print, I can see it never happening.

Lest I sound too alarmist, I’ll clarify that it’s happened to two trays over the last two years I’ve had the printer. They could very well be my two oldest trays but I didn’t keep track. Since FL says up front the trays are consumables, I’ll just think of broken tabs, while very likely unforeseen, are wisely pre-emptively included in that description. You couldn’t keep a sense of humor about it otherwise:

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