Dispense arm covered in resin

I found this today in my Form 3:

The arm is covered in Flexible resin. Anyone here have a field guide or instructions yet from Formlabs on getting into that section of the printer to clean it up?

I dabbed with paper towels but don’t think that will cut it.

I was able to get most of it out using Q-Tips gripped in needle-nose pliers (and a lot of patience).

I have seen few times a drop of resin lingering on the cartridge valve (when taking out the cartridge to shake the resin and putting it back), if you’re not conscious you can insert the cartridge with the resin drop and eventually it can spill over dispense arm.

It would be great if FormLabs can add this in the cartridge replacement procedure - the user should check if there is no resin drop on the valve and clean it, if such resin exists.