Dirty internal mirrors

I’m having problems with my print and I took a look and the internal mirror is with dust, does anyone know how I can clean this mirror? I know the F2 and armored do not know how that dust went into the mirror.

Looks like you are in need of a cleaning even without those dust specs. The biggest dust specs can likely be blown off with oil free compressed air (painting quality) or a hand blower used for lens cleaning. Formlabs has a walkthrough on cleaning HERE.

I have a hard time getting this process perfect, just be careful, use a clean surface every time, and repeat the process as needed.

Ok I’ll try to make the cleanup comeback with good news.

there is an identical post here. you will find more info if you need. (the procedure must be authorized or you lose warranty) Particles on the main mirror. pro service plan not answering. anyone knows where to find instructions on how to clean the mirror?

For issues like these, it’s best to get in touch with our support team prior to opening the machine. We can help to identify the root cause and provide the most up-to-date techniques for troubleshooting and cleaning. A member of our team will be reaching out over email to help you out with this.

The formlabs team got in touch step a PDF with instructions to be able to clean the internal mirror as soon as I get the result I show you.

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Oops! I don’t know how I thought this was a F1 from the OP. Sorry for dragging this troubleshooting off the rails.

Hello everyone I did the whole process that the formlabs team asked for. When I removed the outer mirror I noticed that the internal mirror had a lot of dust and I identified that the external glass fuse was defective I made the cleaning more with this external mirror fence and chances are that I will have to do the cleaning again soon.

Is there any way of adding rubber gaskets to seal the F2? Doesn’t seem all that enclosed if dust is getting inside.

I don’t think that the dust gets in normally, if there’s dust there then it likely got there during manufacturing. They’ve tested the printer before covered in dust and it works fine.

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