Detecting a failed print early

I’ve recently been having some weird issues with my parts sticking to the PDMS layer. Which equates to the part being stuck and the prints continue on. I checked on my print 8 hours into a 16 hour print and aborted it. The worst part about this is now ALL of the resin in the tank is this gelatinous goop which I assume is due to the laser hitting it over and over again near the part that’s stuck. Wasting ALOT of resin. If there’s a way for the print to detect a failed print that’s tuck to the PDMS layer, and self aborting, this would be awesome!!! Maybe a camera underneath to detect any obstructions on the PDMS layer between each wipe?

Out of interest, which resin & which printer? And is this since upgrading to 2.5.0?
Doesn’t half clog up filters when you try to strain that mess too…

I faced the same issue recently and as I always do with FDM 3D printers, ALWAYS observe your printer for the first few layers. Never ever give a job to a machine and walk away immediately.

What I did to solve the issue is simply fine tuning the platform to stick closer to the tank. As for the goop, I filtered it out and it worked perfectly fine.

Regardless of how smart a machine is, it is still a machine.

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