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Hey guys, our lab is new with 3D printing and we are finally using our Form 2, our lab uses the Dental Model Resin and we want to make models with removable dies. We also use the Bego Varseo 3D printer as well. The Form 2 is such as nice printer and we would love to use it. Our Bego settings do not work and I tried downloading the DME file from Formlabs but for some reason it does not want to be imported into 3Shape. Can anyone help? :persevere:

I tried the DME and imported it successfully on 3Shape 16.4.0. What version are you running? I’d try to re-download the file in case yours got corrupted.

A dme is just a collection of settings which you could add by hand too. It’s a compressed file that can be decompressed with 7Zip or somesuch program. The settings can then be found under materials.xlm in somewhat readable form.

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Here’s what it contains for the tight settings:

"Name" value="Formlabs Dental Model (Tighter)"
"ProtectContactsAboveMargin" value="1"
"MarginLineSmoothLevel" value="5"
"MarginLineSmoothRadius" value="0.2"
"BaseMarginHeight" value="0.125"
"DitchHeight" value="0.8"
"DitchDepth" value="0.15"
"DitchMarginThickness" value="0"
"DitchEnabled" value="False"
"StandardDieShape" value="True"
"SmallDie" value="False"
"BaseMainHeight" value="5"
"BaseWallAngle" value="0.0349065848"
"StopSurfaceAngle" value="0.2617994"
"BaseStopSurfaceWidth" value="0.001"
"FrictionBarWidth" value="0.8"
"FrictionBarOverlap" value="0.05"
"NumberOfFrictionBars" value="8"
"StopSurfacePlaneNormal" value=" 0.00000000000000E+0000; -1.00000000000000E+0000;  0.00000000000000E+0000;"
"DieToModelSpacing" value="0.05"
"PostToModelSpacing" value="0.1"
"DesignToModelSpacing" value="0.1"
"GeneralClearance" value="0.1"
"VerticalInsertDirection" value="False"
"PrintAbutmentAsPartOfModel" value="False"
"PinType" value="PinType_File"
"GeneratePin" value="False"
"PinBreakOff" value="False"
"FileNamePinModel" value="PinCylindrical"
"PinHeight" value="2"
"PinWallAngle" value="0"
"UsePinlessHoleModel" value="True"
"FileNamePinlessHoleModel" value="CADCylindricalBottomHole"
"UseSideHoleModel" value="True"
"FileNameSideHoleModel" value="CADCylindricalSideEjection3x3mm"
"PushingIndentType" value="PushingIndentType_File"
"FileNamePushingIndentModel" value="CADDiePushCutoutLongCylinder"
"PushingHeight" value="0"
"LayerThickness" value="0.05"
"MinimumModelHeight" value="5"
"HollowModel" value="True"
"SurfaceThickness" value="2"
"UseVariableThickness" value="True"
"HollowDies" value="False"
"BottomHoleSize" value="0"
"UseAutoIDTag" value="True"
"IDTagFontHeight" value="3.5"
"IDTagTextDepth" value="-0.5"
"UseDrillCompensation" value="False"
"DrillRadius" value="0.15"
"TrimPlatforms" value="False"
"PlatformsDistance" value="32"
"MillingBlankHeight" value="0"
"ArticulatorInterfaceID" value="ArticulatorInterface_3ShapeFullArch"
"ArticulatorInterfaceIndex" value="-1"
"FrictionAngleAdjustFactor" value="0"
"FrictionSizeAdjustFactor" value="-0.03"
"FileNameSideDrainHoleModel" value=""
"SideDrainHoleCenterHeight" value="3"
"SideDrainHoleDistance" value="10"
"ThicknessOfTheCut" value="0.2"
"AnalogFrictionBarWidth" value="0.8"
"AnalogFrictionBarOverlap" value="0.02"
"AnalogNumberOfFrictionBars" value="8"
"AnalogToModelSpacing" value="0.075"
"AnalogHoleLevelAdjustment" value="0"
"SoftTissueProtectAnalog" value="False"
"SoftTissueProtectThickness" value="0.5"

@kristian You are a lifesaver! :sob: I will trying inputting these values in tomorrow and try another print. I will have to see what version we are running on 3Shape and try re-downloading the file again thank you!

Also the angle degrees are stored weirdly; the actual values in the Dental System Control Panel are:

Base Wall Angle (deg) = 2
Base Stop Surface Angle (deg) = 15
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