Debris During Printing


Recently, after printing is done (using the clear and black resins) a thin film attached to the raft of the model can be noticed.
Every time this film appears there are debris in the resin and adhered to the printed models.
The rafts doesn’t seem to be deformed or delaminated (from poorly placed or lack of supports), its like the first couple of layers of the raft the laser was defused and the edge of the raft “spilled” a bit.
The film extends from the raft no more than 4-5mm.

Technical data

  1. printing resolution 0.25um
  2. Resin tank F2-01
  3. Resins used Black (GPBK-04) & Clear (GBCL-04)
  4. Models placement: there were several models with individual rafts, filling roughly 80-85% of the printing surface.

Any similar experiences and possible fixes?

Most probably an optics issue, like a fogged up optical window or mirror. Contact FormLabs support, they’ll give you exact cleaning instructions. This way you also avoid voiding your warranty by just doing stuff by yourself.

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That may be dirty optics.

Also, does it happen when printing at 50 or 100 microns?

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