Dashboard - age of resin

One thing that would be useful to me would be to see the age of the resin on the dashboard. At least the date of first use. It would be much nicer than scribbling the date on the label with a sharpie.

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What do you find is the use of labeling a cartridge with the date it was first opened? The expiration date of the resin will remain the same regardless of when the resin was opened and you can find the production date inside the cartridge skirt. We typically recommend that resin is used within a year of the production date.

A new tray has a 3 pin contact to sync in digitally with the cartridge you intend to re-name (as indicated in Dashboard).

So there is no reason to digitally add first use date into the tray to track age of resin on “machine’s display” and “Preform

Just wondering, how does the machine know what colour resin is inside the cartridge when inserting it into the machine? a barcode, RFID or something else?

If colour of resin can be detected by the machine then surely the “production / expiry date” can be digitally written onto the cartridge alongside the colour information?!

Again, I prefer this information to be display on the LCD itself or even the Preform software, less so in dashboard (as explained in my other post).

Cartridges also have small chips on them seated below the skirt that has a unique identifier and lists material info. This allows us to track things like material usage and make sure that tank and cartridge materials are compatible.

The expiration date is also listed on a sticker below the skirt. It should be viable to have a sort of notification that warns you when resin is nearing its expiration date in Dashboard and I’ll forward the suggestion to our development team so that we can look into it.

It should like a passive RFID.

Regardless, thank you.