Resin use by date

last week we had some new resin delivered, after opening the box I noticed that the use by date had already pasted. The dates on the box and the resin cartridge don’t even match. The box has March 2018 and the cartridge has February 2018. I’ve opened the box but not the plastic bag. Who do I need to speak to about exchanging it for another with a longer use by date?

Hello there!

The date on the cartridge, likely something like 201802XX, is the manufacture date, not the ‘use-by’ date, so your resin is actually totally good to use until February of 2019!

As far as the date on the box, that’s likely just the day it was packaged, and isn’t relevant to the lifetime of the resin inside.

I hope that helps!

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Also, the lifetime of our resins depends on the material, and ranges from 12 to 24 months. You can find that information on our support site at

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Thankyou Dank and Cody.

I thought these where use by dates, easy mistake to make.

I will start using this resin later

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