Damn you clear resin v2.0

I buy 3 liters of the new clear resin hoping for better results.

but damn resin, is extremely difficult to separate from the platform construction.

it really is very difficult, so difficult that I have to hit very hard with the scraper in the base so many times so i’m exhausted.

somebody have the same problem with the new clear resin v2.0?

I haven’t used v2.0 yet, however, what I do and what seems to help is put your scraper on the side of the base of the print where it has the longest supports. push gently with the scraper at a 10 degree angle (give or take) and at the same time use the thumb of your other hand to press against the support which is closest to the edge of the base (assuming you’ve got the buildplatform in the finishing tray, press against the supports horizontally). This will make the base of the print move up slightly which gives you the room to put your scraper under it. Once you’ve gotten under it, just slide it forward and your print will release from the build platform with ease!

Be very careful with thin prints as they might be fragile and crack when pressing against the supports. It shouldn’t be a prroblem with prints 2mm thick or thicker.

Hope you understand what I mean!

yes alex. i use the same technique and really is very easy, but with the new resine v2.0 this technique doesn’t work.

Hmm, well I just ordered 3 bottles of clear resin myself. So I guess I’m going to be in lots of agony as well… Is there any difference when having a lower base? If the print allows you to use a lower base of course!

I use the default settings to my first print using the v2.0 resin, the second print i use a reduce thickness base. 1.6mm and the result is the same.

this resin appear to be of higher hardness.
when using the scraper in the slits of the base. these are broken.
no matter the size of the base, it can be big or small, thick or thin … is very difficult separate of the build platform
now I printing a new piece use a mixing resin 50% v1.0 and 50% v2.0

this part finished in 4 hours approx

I know there are a number of different techniques for getting parts off the build platform cleanly, but you might want to take another look at our support structures and see if the quick release tabs are helpful for you. It’s an angled notch that’s built into the raft, and can help you detach your part from the base.

hi @Sam_Jacoby

thanks for your reply. but even is very hard separate the parts of the build platform.

Use something like this http://www.amazon.com/Stanley-28-100-16-inch-Visibility-Mini-Razor/dp/B0006JJS30
to get under the base and then stick the scraper under it to lift up the part.

It’s very easy.

I use this, I clamp it as tight as possible and I can kind of bend the blade flat to the build platform and twist it under the parts and work my way around them then I can get my scraper under them.

looks very dangerous!!

the problem, i think, is because the new resine is much more hardness. so, when I try to use the scraper the base resine break up in a little pieces. so I cant remove the base in one piece.

but I try again using your technique

Along similar lines to Vince - I just bought this - I think it should a bit easier to use than similar razor-jury-rigs I’ve used before for stubborn bases…

just google/amazon “razor scraper” and you’ll get loads of similar tools.

Sam/Formlabs/anyone - are the V2 resins in stock in UK now?

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thanks @KevinHolmes… you are my youtube hero :smiley:

I use a sharpened scraper but you really have to be careful not to slip, already put the scraper into my thumb. Good news is with all the IPA around it never got infected.

I learned to get the scraper up to one of the support gaps in the base and give it a quick tap to pop it off.

The Grey / Gray V2 is fantastic, FYI.

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Yeah it is dangerous for sure I really got myself bad once until I perfected my own technique. But I like my homemade razor thingy better because I can get parallel to the build platform and can torque the blade while I give it a twist. That way I don’t have to push at all. So it works this way much better for me especially because I only have one hand so I cant hold the platform while I’m trying to remove the print.
BTW I’ve tried just leaving the part on the platform for several days but it gets stuck worse not better!

@VinceErb I try with your technique… and is more easy but even is more difficult than the resine v1.0.

and I say again… DAMN IT CLEAR RESINE V2.0

I just sharpened my scraper on a bench grinder to a sharp edge has worked like a charm ever since.

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A regular razor blade has much more flex and wont crack easily.