Damaged files

Recently i downloaded the new version of prefofm sw. I encounter a problem that any printable file is recognized as damaged. The sw suggests repairing it but nothing hapens . What can i do ?

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That’s a bit strange. In a recent update, we improved the .form file format so files saved on and after version 2.11.0 will not be compatible with earlier versions of PreForm. This doesn’t sound like what you’re noticing though.

Were these files working in older versions of PreForm and what happens if you choose ignore for the file repair suggestion?

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I’m also encountering this problem. I just recently received my Form 2, set it up, then was going to try out printing some STL files I have. Every one I try to open says its damaged, and it won’t do anything when I click on repair, and also when I click ignore. Maybe my files are damaged? They were created for me about a year ago. I am using Preform version 2.11.1.

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