New preform not opening files with accent


I updated my preform today to 2.11 and I noticed that it isn’t opening files with accents (ç, á, ã, …), also it doesn’t work if the file path to the file have any accent. This is happening all files, FORM or STL.

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I did the update and it works very well, but I think the pieces should appear to the best location of the files.

It happened to me too after update.
This version have bug or what ???

I’m having trouble getting almost anything to open. Files that I have printed before are either telling me that the “File is newer than the software” or it says it needs to be repaired but nothing happens when you repair or ignore!

The most recent PreForm update did introduce improvements to the .form file format. This means that .form files created with 2.11.0 cannot be opened in older versions of PreForm. Files created with older versions of PreForm can however be opened in 2.11.0. It might be worth checking to make sure you’re on the most up-to-date version.

I am running 2.11.0 now. I can not open files that I created when I first got the original Form 1. I got the Form 2 yesterday and I wanted to print something so I tried several old files. A few worked, most did not. Tried downloading files from and nothing worked. I have in the past with no problem.

Files created for the Form 1/1+ won’t be compatible with the Form 2 and will need to be reconfigured in PreForm. What issues are you having with the scan the world files? I downloaded a few and was able to import them without issue.

Tried Winged Victory and Venus DeMilo and they would not open. There would be nothing show in PreForm.

I gave both of these a go and wasn’t able to reproduce the error on my end. Are you being prompted to repair the file or are they having trouble importing?

Tells me to repair the error. Nothing shows up if I repair or ignore. Sometimes it would not give and error but nothing would show up after importing.

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