Custom iPhone Dock for "Lifeproof" Case


Back in the day, I designed a custom iPhone dock for my wife in the shape of a Mario 1-Up Mushroom and because I never had a reliable 3D printer, I actually never even got to print one! Anyways, now that I have my Form1, I designed and printed a new design of custom iPhone dock. The idea is to have some geometry to hold the cable in place and then the phone just slides into place on top of it. She needed a dock since she has a “lifeproof” case which means it doesn’t fit on any standard iPhone dock.

I also designed it so that the sound and microphone at the bottom go through megaphone shapes to redirect the sound. It actually doesn’t work spectacularly well, but it is still a pretty cool feature.

I’ll post the STL, STEP, Pro/E, and Form file on thingiverse later. I thought I’d share the preliminary results. I’m also planning to paint it up a little bit.

Happy new year!


Very nicely done, David! That’s great. One of our engineers has been using a Form 1-printed Android dock for awhile now. The thicker parts hold up very well over time.


All right! Better late than never.

Even if you don’t need a dock, maybe the design could inspire :wink: