Custom build platform has eliminated the annoyances of the standard platform

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Pics would be great!

Hi @DavidRosenfeld , I will be posting pics once I have cleaned-up the prototype… hopefully the pics will be available by the end of the weekend.


Life got in the way of further progress, pics to follow soon.

Pics! :slight_smile: yeah the issue with dipping your F1 platform in IPA is it will mix with the resin inside and possibly get trapped and contaminate. A solid one piece platform would be ideal for cleaning.

@Edward_Peretti , cleaning this custom platform is a no-brainer, it’s such a pleasure compared to the stock platform. While testing this concept, once I removed the printed models, I simply dunk the whole platform into an IPA tank and leave it there until I’m ready to clean for the next print… no worries.

I have requested quotations for fabrication of this custom build platform…

Update : Fabrication quotes are trickling in, this custom build platform will be approximately $80.00USD

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I mentioned earlier I would be posting pictures of a final
prototype soon, life has gotten in the way along with the Christmas
Season. I’m also disabled from a car accident a decade ago and suffer
chronic pain daily, a few flare-ups have also delayed my progress. Rest
assured I’ll be making the custom build platform available asap.

There’s a few methods to make the custom build platform available to
all interested, it would be great to hear some feedback as to how
everyone would like this platform made available:

Gather orders and fabricate in bulk with larger quantities to
attain the best possible price, there would likely be a long delay
before dispatching the orders.Gather orders in smaller quantities and fabricate in batches, the
price increases, but everyone would receive their order quicker.Make the platform specs and drawings available to those who would
like to build their own custom build platform, a fee of approx $20.00.

Any other ideas?

Best regards,

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I am very interested to purchase a custom build platform and/or to purchase your specs to fabricate my own.

If the specs aren’t different for Form 1 / Form 1+ / Form 2 models (I have a Form 1+ myself), are you able to sell the specs and drawings?

Was this ever made?

Greetings @alan1950 and @NickMathis and others curious about the custom build platform I’ve designed and fabricated.

It’s been a few months since posting general information regarding the custom build platform I’ve designed to eliminate most if not all of the annoyances we experience using the stock build platform that comes with a Form1 / Form1+ and Form2 printer. The new design also adds some much needed features and allows for more reliable printing. I continue to suffer serious pain 24/7 due to a car accident 12 years ago, and 10 months ago the pain escalated and now the neck injuries have added to the mix…so I was forced to stop all activities that might trigger a pain flare-up. For the last few months I’ve been re-engineering pain-management techniques to allow more time in a vertical position versus the dreaded horizontal position 12+ hours per day.

I’m now back in my machine-shop and electronics lab, woohoo! It’s only 2-3 hours per day but I’ll take it!!

I’ll be returning to the evolution of my custom build platform, mostly because the Form1 / Form1+ printer is a great printer, it just needs a few optimizations and a better build platform.

I have proven to myself this custom build platform makes the Form1 / Form1+ a reliable and accurate printer. How do I prove to you the same satisfaction?

If there is enough interest I will make my custom build platform available commercially…either as a physical product and/or fabrication drawings. Please reply here or send an email to sales at technologysalad dot com

Cheers and happy printing to all !!


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This is something I would be very interested in. I would need more information.

I am certainly interested. There seems to be little risk that the platform is not what you say it is. Certainly worth a try on my end. So, if you are willing to make the plans available, I will buy them to manufacture myself. Later, if you make them available as a product, I will likely purchase that as well to replace my build.

Very glad to hear you are getting back in the workshop! Best of luck with your continued recovery.

This looks like a very interesting idea and would be interested in becoming involved in the project. I have a Form 1, but also have available VMC, wire EDM and associated equipment.

It sounds like an interesting idea. I have considered making one, with a peltier element (40x40mm) in it, und perhaps a steel plate instead of the aluminium to avoid the scratching. I have no idea how adhesion is to steel though.
With a peltier element I wouldn’t need the freeze air cans to cool the print down for removal. It would involve a “waterproof” contact for approx 15V 4A (maybe a magnetic contact, to avoid sliding contact issues). It would be on only for perhaps 10 seconds, so a fan would not be needed. I you need someone to test that idea I could.
I have a Form2. Are there alot of differences between the build platforms?

Sorry to hear about your medical problems first take care of yourself!
We only get one of these lives.

Yes I am interested.

The platform and parts thereof are all machined @Roy_Anderson , I’m not sure how others could participate other than specific features users may like to have, but I’m certainly open to ideas.

Guess I need to get up-to-speed with current events regarding ‘print removal’, I had not heard of cooling the print for removal…interesting. The face of my custom platform is quite flat compared to the stock platform, there are no high points or valleys as you may experience when using the stock platform. When using my custom platform, the prints are easily removed without scratching the face. I have examined the original patent for the Form2 platform, but I don’t have a Form2 platform to disassemble and compare with the Form1/1+ so I’m unable to comment on the differences @mdrm

So before continuing with the custom build platform project I’ll browse the forums in case there are additional issues arising from the new resins that have emerged during my lengthy absence. Expect the custom build platform to proceed slowly this week and the pace quickening over the next few weeks. I’d love to get this platform to you guys asap so the printing frustrations and fails come to a stop as they have for me. Cheers, and thanks for the interest and support!

Can you show us some pics or something. I am interested and curious for the Form 1 version.