Curing tough and durable resins

I’m having a tough time curing my tough and durable resins. Specifically flat thin surfaces. My parts warp. I’m currently using the tried and true nail polish curing station and a foil lined box. this works okay for some of the tube shaped parts. But I don’t think it is good enough for flat parts roughly .04 to .09 thick by 2" x 2". Is there a better method for curing in this situation? How important is heat?
thanks for your input.

Hey there! Heat is definitely an important aspect of the curing process, especially as you get into the more specialized engineering type resins.

Do you mind if I ask whether you’re removing the part from its support structure before you’re curing?

I remove the supports after curing. But sometimes I notice the support disconnected while curing. I had feeling the heat part was hurting, but don’t know if it would cause warping.