Curing Elastic 50A Resin

I do not have a Form Cure available to me, so I am wondering how I could go about curing my Elastic 50A parts without one. From some of the research I’ve done on this, it seems that the UVA range is what I will need to cure the parts adequately. Are there any more affordable lamps/curing boxes that you guys use that have worked for you? How long would I need to cure the parts if they are at room temperature? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @RichardSousa,

Thanks for reaching out about this! There have been some previous forum posts from users who assembled their own DIY curing units. I’m interested to hear feedback from those who have tried this as well. In terms of curing at room temperature, I would expect the process to take much longer compared to curing with heat. I’m also not sure how Elastic 50A parts would turn out compared to a non-flexible resin.