Elastic 50A: curing in water?

I am confused about the best way to cure Elastic 50A

Formlabs recommend putting the model in a beaker of water and curing in 60C for 20 minutes.

Obviously, even with extended pre-heat, the water and therefor the model become barely warm, nowhere near 60C. On the other hand I asked the support and they told me not to preheat the water.

So does curing in water requires no heat? What is the role of water in curing anyway? What results should I expect when curing in lukewarm water vs. 60C air?

In fact, the suggestions you see for Formlabs should all be based on the suggestion to use Form Cure

Curing in water ensures that the part loses its stickiness.

Afaik, the curing in water is to eliminate the contact with oxygen. In some resins, oxygen inhibits curing process, so inside the water the surface can correctly cure.

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