Elastic resin properties

Hi, I have a question about elastic resin. Does this material have something common with silicone in terms of composition and properties? Will not dried silicone stick to parts or not? And how can you paint this material? Thank you in advance!

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Not sure if you’ve figured this out or not yet, but, I was experiencing the same problem while trying to make a mold that required pouring silicone over the elastic pieces. It seems that silicone doesn’t cure when it is in contact with the uncured elastic parts. I used the Form curer and cured the part for the recommended 20 minutes at 60 C. After that the silicone cured on the surface.

I also spoke with someone from the Formlabs material team and they said that we should try using tin-curing silicone instead of platinum-curing. I didn’t try that but the curing definitely works.

Hope this helps/if you already figured it out I’d love to hear your work around.