Cup holder after resin filter

I am using a one way coffee cup to catch the resin when I filter it after printing. To
make it easier to refill the resin back into the tank I printed this holder:



Can you share a .stl or .form?

Hi, what do you use to filter the resin,
Do you really need to filter it after each print?

You don’t need to filter after every print (just when you know there are bits floating around). I use a 125 micron paint filter.

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Would be great if you could share the .stl file.

Becherhalter.stl (930.4 KB)


Thank you!!

Thanks, George, I’ll give that a try.

This is for for “german standard cups” :grinning: you might have to adapt it to your lokal cups or much simpler redesign it with your cad


That looks like the typical beer cup sold at party stores in the USA.

Not seeing the opening of the cup I’m figuring there is no filter but that the resin is filtered when added to the cup, correct?


Could be mine shrunk in PreForm as there is no way a 10 oz, Beer cut will fit in it. Not even a clear 5 oz mixed drink cup will fit. Could be this was designed for a Form2 not a Form1+. Either that or I need to stretch it to the max in PreForm.
Yes, I use the same type or paint filters. When I filter alcohol I put a paper towel in the filter also.

well this was designed for a form 1 first genaration (wtih out +)

The cups I am uesing are 91,50 mm high. THe uper diameter is 70mm and the lower is 45mm (what is oz?)

I suggest just get the idea and redesign it or give me the datas of your avilabel cups and I can try do it

Well, here in the States we work in Inches for linear measurements and ounces (oz) for liquid measurements.

First cup, one that looks exactly like yours, measures 120mm 94-3/4") high with a top rim of100mm (4") and a bottom rim of 6.3mm (2-1/2"). That’s pretty much a standard party cup for beer and soft drinks here.

The second, clear cup is 95mm (3-3/4") high, 73mm (2-7/8") top rim and 50.5mm (2-1/8") bottom rim. This is generally used as a party wine or mixed drink cup here. Coffee cups are generally foam or pressed paper for insulation to keep the drink hot.

Thanks for the info though. If I get a chance I’ll work on enlarging the piece. Right now I’m busy running parts. I manufacture modeling items and work in small scale. I’ve found that the .025mm setting is best for what I’m doing. I know this extends the print time quite a bit but I don’t get failures on extremely small pieces with minimal supports.

for the holder you can use the 0.1 setting (design follows funktion).

You should make it available on Pinshape! :smiley:

I should have made this my first print, already need one!