Container for storing resin?

Just wondering what you use to store your resin? I’ve been looking for a small dark bottle with not much joy. Leaving grey resin in the tray too long the pigment sits at the bottom and also I’m sure it is not good to expose the resin to air for long periods of time.

Ideally I’m thinking small bottels like the form 1 resin bottles that are specifically for storing the resin in the tray. Any suggestions?

Just to add, maybe something like a small black plastic Tupperware container would be ideal so you can scoop out residual resin from the sides.

Ultraviolet glass, 3" diameter seems pretty good:

Don’t know if you’re in the states but I use Freund container.

You can choose by size. 250 mL will be completely full if you empty a resin tray into it.


Looks perfect! Can filter the resin straight back into it. Hope I can order one. cheers

Also ordering this I guess you will only need to hold the maximum amount of resin below the line. Would that be a 1 oz bottle?

Edit: Ah yes just read below on your post :wink:

Only problem these are very expensive (£30 plus shipping) each. Would be great if Formlabs would buy 250 and sell them individually :smiley:

something slightly cheaper :wink:

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You can also use blank metal paint cans like the ones at homedepot :

I had used one for a 3rd party resin and it worked well, the insides are coated.

good idea also! :slight_smile:

You can keep the resin in the tray as long as you want, just store the tray in a dark place, since the window on the underside does not filter out the wavelengths of light that cure the resin

There’s no issue with exposing the resin to air, oxygen actually prevents the resin from curing.

As @Zachary_Brackin mentioned, it’s safe to keep resin in the tray for extended periods of time so long as it’s not frequently exposed to intense direct sunlight.

For some resins, pigment will settle to the bottom of the tank overtime, but this can be corrected by gently stirring the tank with the metal scraper. The same thing occurs when resin is left in a container and we recommend that some materials like Castable Resin are shaken prior to printing.

Extended periods of time are - according to your support - no greater than 2-3 months.
Otherwise there’s the risk of the resin getting under the PDMS and attacking the glue holding the window on…

With castable, once it has settled in the vat it does prove problematic to remix - there’s always the risk of damaging the PDMS (I see the newer scrapers have rounded corners - presumably to reduce the risk).

Having spoken with FL staff at IJL, I understand the issue of the vat window being held against gravity may be something that is being addressed (or has been with the new LT vat?).

I was worried the resin would go off in a way being exposed to air or something though thats good to know it does the opposite. The scraper that came with my F2 has pretty sharp edges I wouldn’t touch my pdms layer with so opted getting a plastic sticker scraper.

This has happened to me twice. Take resin out if your not using it regularly.