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Is it just me or does it take forever to get supplies? Even ones that are in stock. And why do resin tanks and resin ship and arrive on different days? I would expect to place an order in the morning and have an active tracking number in the evening. Instead it takes a couple days to even see any action, and then several days for the shipment. Throw in a weekend and it takes a week to get materials.

In this industry a week is too long, but the shipping costs are very high so overnight is just additional sting on the already costly consumables.

Just venting I guess, I get frustrated waiting when paying a premium for things. It would also be nice to see tracking numbers in dashboard. Right now my order still says processing yet everything is moving. Shouldn’t the status be shipped? Shouldn’t there be tracking numbers?


I can’t comment much on FL shipping although I have to agree that a week or more is an eternity.

We are lucky enough to be relatively close to a local distributor They are in the Orange County, CA area (about 70 miles from us) and have most FL supplies in stock and if you order early enough they ship that day. This may help those in the US, outside the US I’m sorry!

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Oh, I did not know that they had distributors. I wonder if there are any in New England. I am lucky enough to be a short drive from Formlabs’ headquarters, but the materials don’t ship from there… is the direct link for supplies. I also noticed they have the normal resins plus High Temp (same as castable?) resin and coming soon Durable Resin (same as tough??) .

So Source Graphics seems to sell both a castable and high temp. What are the differences? Why doesn’t FL have those available?

I wonder if those listings have anything to do with this.

Haha I was just reading your other post on the curing thread and was wondering the same thing! I guess Source Graphics jumped the gun!

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I think since we, solved the mystery we should get a free liter of the new resins… By we I mean you, but I would like to piggy back on this for some free resin… What do you say Formlabs?

Oh, I bet high temperature is for injection molding against… I’m thinking someone is ahead of an announcement. :o

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Is the current tough resin on V2? That would explain the V3 being the 3rd thing they are referring to in the tweet.

Sorry @Frew

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And, the durable is a polypropylene-like material. This is such good news. Did I miss an announcement or something? So cool. I will use both of these materials.

Indeed. So I currently don’t have a Form2, but came here to find more about uses and challenges before buying one… I will be ordering one soon and will most certainly be getting some of these new resins.

I really hope if they are releasing new resins they are available for the Form 1+ as well. I get why Dental is not supported (I really don’t care as I am not a dentist) but these new flavors are additions that I could use and have features I need. I guess time will tell.

Looks like the link has changed…

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Yep…until tomorrow!

Once again sorry FL and sorry SourceGraphics!

Yah… well someone goofed, not a huge deal, and if it werent for me seeing the tweet and reading your post it wouldnt have been connected. I by chance read your post just out of curiosity to the issues that people were having.