Resin Shipping, Lead Times vs In Stock

I recently ordered multiple bottles of resin.

Some are IN STOCK, some had a 1 week lead time.
Will they all ship after the 1 week lead time, or will the IN STOCK items first?

Just wondering because I am out of resin, and someone ordered parts via my hub.
I need to know if I have to cancel their order, order another bottle express, or if they can wait a day or two for the first few bottles.

At this stage Form Labs fulfillment isn’t sufficiently predictable to be relied upon for managing your supply inventory. To illustrate, I ordered trays and resin after close-of-business on 17 May and paid extra for 2-day FedEx Express delivery. Everything was “In Stock” but as of today (1 June) my order hasn’t been completed because time was lost at several stages:

  • Processing times are variable, unpredictable. For my 17 May order, the trays were shipped on Wednesday 18 May and they arrived on Friday 20 May. But the resin wasn’t shipped until 20 May, so naturally it couldn’t arrive as soon as the trays.

  • Express delivery doesn’t count weekends & holidays. I had selected “2-day express” but the resin shipped on Friday 20 May wasn’t delivered until Tuesday 24 May, which was four calendar days after shipment. That’s about seven days after I had placed the order.

  • Goods might be lost or damaged in transit. The resin that arrived on 24 May was damaged in transit (I assume) so the container was not usable. I reported the issue to Form Labs and they quickly replied, promised replacement, and sent be a return label.

  • Replacement orders incur processing delays too. Form Labs issued a new tracking number for the replacement resin on Tuesday 24 May, but the tracking says the replacement wasn’t actually shipped until Thursday 26 May.

  • Replacements were not shipped express, even though the original order was. Thus I still haven’t received all the items I ordered on 17 May, two weeks later, even though I chose 2-day express and everything was reportedly in-stock at the time. It’s due to arrive tomorrow, 2 June, assuming there aren’t any more problems.

As usual, YMMV. But any of these events could delay your order. All of them could happen to you. From a purely practical standpoint, just don’t count on supplies until they’re physically in your hands. Otherwise the logistics are too risky, too unpredictable.

As mentioned, I received the 5 Build Tanks, a few days ago… still no word on if any resin has shipped. :slight_smile:

All bottles of resin received today.
Including: Clear, White, Gray, Black, & Flexible

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