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So, a quick blurb.

I am just starting to use the online community forum and have been catching up on some issues/posts but I keep hitting walls when I get to the end. Forgive me if there is a solution for this but I honestly haven’t delved in too deep on this. After someone posts an issue and a solution is mentioned… the follow ups aren’t always there. I noticed that a 7 day closing is enacted on each post and wondered if the OP could bypass that and add followups? Some issues I feel are cliff hangers and I would assume being late to the game on some comments would cause me to create another post in hopes the original people would see and comment unless I directly name them. Just food for thought and airing of grievances.

Hey there @abeatty,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! We really appreciate the feedback.

No promises but I’d be more than happy to see about adjusting the topic closing timers so there’s more opportunity to go back later.

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I agree, 30 to 60 days at least on the time out on threads.


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