Prematurely Closed Discussions

When searching for solutions for issues I’m having with my Form 2, I’m frequently coming across discussion threads that have been automatically closed without a definitive answer. It’s incredibly frustrating to come across a post that exactly describes my issue but that has been prematurely closed.

It appears that discussions are automatically closed after two weeks with no new replies, but in my experience, it can easily take longer than two weeks to resolve an issue. People need to be given more time to resolve issues and to post their solutions, otherwise we can’t benefit from each other’s experiences, and the purpose of the forum is defeated.

How can we go about changing this feature?


Hey there!

Thanks so much for the suggestion. This is absolutely something I’m keeping an eye on, and I’ve seen that sentiment being expressed elsewhere here so it’s something I’m going to investigate. I recently extended it for some of the troubleshooting specific areas, but let me see what I can do across the board.

I don’t wanna make any firm promises, but this shouldn’t be an issue to implement in the next couple days.

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