Comb designed for cleaning the resin tank

For sifting the resin tank for fine particles, I used a comb as recommended on the website.

But I was not satisfied with that. So I designed a comb which fits perfect on the tank and can be printed on the form1+.

Here is the STL-File to print your own comb. Comb for Resin Cleaning.stl (2.0 MB)


Any tips on the best orientation for printing? Supports?

Perhaps splitting it in half, and printing the tines vertically would work well. Then pin it back together with a small dowel or 2.
Do you have a solid model? Like an IGES or a parasolid?

Yes, I printed as follows, and the result was well.

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… and Supports

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Im getting all kinds of red. Which resolution are you using?

0,1 mm

here is the result:


Weird. I changed everything to be the exact same, but it is still showing red. I may just give it a go anyways…

@Paul_Schommer it looks like he used clear resin, and you have black showing. I’m not an expert on resin differences, but that is one thing i noticed looking at the thread.

@Michael_Breitenstein great design, thanks for sharing!

I actually just cycled through all of the materials thinking that perhaps there was a difference.

Try and place the supports manually (tacticaly) and see if you can get rid of the red marks like that. Sometimes re-generating the supports can help as well. Also, play around with the degrees you print the part at, 31 degrees and 46 degrees sometimes can make the difference… Though it probably will print fine as it did so as well for Michael

@Paul_Schommer just try printing it. The red marks are no guarantee that it will have issues just like no red does not mean everything is supported adequately. They are just rough approximations, and sometime rather poor ones, let your better judgement and your understanding of the printers functionality and behavior be your guide.

You’r welcome,

I agree, Preform is a little strange with the red marks. Especially if you edit the supports and eventually decide to discard the changes… Suddenly it doesn’t show any red marks at all :stuck_out_tongue: . This would mean that you could (if cheating the program) print any model with only 1 support (according to the non-existent red ;)).

I’m printing it with red marks as well as we speak. Let’s see what happens.
Thanks in advance @Michael_Breitenstein!

Black resin .1mm layer 0°, 30°, 45°. Every thing else PreForm defaults.
I just used @Michael_Breitenstein screen shots and set it up as he did. It is rinsing now.

Printing at .2mm in clear is definitely too stressful on the comb. It printed properly for most part, but .1mm is definitely a better option in this case as you can see some deformation. Still, it’s perfectly usable :smile:

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@Michael_Breitenstein, any chance you’d share the .form file here as well?

HI Meghan

Yes I can do. But I first have to try for me, if building parameters have changed in the last Preform update. I will start the job in the next minutes - then I will give you the file when everything is ok.

Best regards

Hi Meghan

It looks good, disregarding the deformed supports on the right side. I can give you the form file now.

Best regards

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