Clear V4 resin 0.05mm can't print

HI,every one.I have used form2 for nearly 2years.
I was satisfied with the clear V2 before,
but it is stop produce now.
So Ihave no choice but to use clear V4.
but V4 have weakness in printing.
It is no problem in prineing things 0.1MM,
but something need high degree of accuracy,
It can’t print things 0.05MM.
The bottom can adhere to the platform.
but the supports can’t be printed.
Some times,the resin like snot is hanging on the platfor
I think it is lack of exposure.
I can’t setup exposure by myself the problem.
The problem I show you is it can’t print the catch point

I am not alone after all!

We’ve been printing large parts with custom supports with V2 for a while and it was perfectly fine. Recently we were forced to switch to Clear V4 just as you and we haven’t been able to print any of the parts we previously did. We are printing them straight onto the platform and after first few layers, things go really weird.

I’ve been in touch with support for 2 weeks and they haven’t given any possible solutions.

As I am typing this, I am printing out some test parts for comparison with Clear v4, Clear v2 (some leftovers) and Gray V3. So far it looks like the V4 is the faulty one. What I want to try after the V2 print finishes, is to print some V4 with V2 settings (using old V2 vat and V2 cartridge but with V4). I’ll let you know how that goes.

UPDATE: Here’s a gallery timeline of our prints with print settings for each one…

Did you say that V4 at 0.1mm prints just fine? We might as well switch to 0.1 then for the time being since our production has been halted for past 2 weeks just because of these issues…

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And it really is clear that the problem with the program update unfortunately has delayed my work a lot and I have noticed problems with the resolution quality of the gray resin V3 even though they say they do not hear change in the exposure times.

We have completely run out of V2, currently only V4 0.1MM print.
I bought 2 bottles of gray V3 a year ago, but I can not print it successfully.
Feel the firmware and resin upgrades. Quality is not working
I can only print clear V4 with the old version now.
2 bottles of gray V3 can not be used at all. Very wasteful

Gray V3 I can print support, but the object can not be generated
Only successful support

I only use the gray resin and I have noticed that the quality of the impression has really dropped from the V2 resin was better than the V3 still have not used the V4 more so I have seen in the forum has not changed anything in the quality.

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