Clear Resin - Print failure


too much pressure from build platform on tank? When moving sideways prior to lift, the freshly printed layer might get smeared if pressure is too high. Maybe raise Z value of build platform to release pressure?
OK, long shot, but easy to check. And if no help, easy to reset and at least you can rule out a possible reason.



Yeah sure, clear works as well.


It’s a separate issue from the flashing/print quality, but if the holes on your cylinder jigs don’t go all the way through the part, you may have some issues getting them to print with all the definition you want in that orientation - you may find that they the holes come out a little distorted, or too shallow.


It is go all the way through. Its 3mm hole from side to side with no complicated things, just a straight 3mm hole.

On the first few months I’ve printed a drills jig with numbers to hold all my drills, the smallest hole i made was 1.2mm and the bottom holes to prevent suction was approx 0.7mm, there I had to do some cleaning to the holes so the drills will go in, but when I went to 1.5mm hole, it printed it successfully without any issue.

Here is the jig, pretty cool actually, I will upload it to the other forum as well.


Hey all,

Contact with Formlabs support and as said here, I had to print the optical test. Well, its not looking great and as we reach to 4th of July, the answer for the result will be only next Monday.

Anyone experience the same mode of failure and can share the correction method adviced?

Happy 4th of July :slight_smile:.


I had the same problem a few months ago. At my Form 2 the print failures comes from the galvo mirror. Please check your galvo mirror for contamination or damage. I was told by formlabs that the problem can not be repaired yourself.


In the galvo mirror picture with the dots: its the damage or is it just dirt?
Did you replaced it and it solved the problem?


That’s a damage. I thought it was dirt but the damage was on the mirror.

Formlabs said I can not change the mirror. The printer had to be repaired.


Do they have any clue why this is happened? I don’t think this should happened in a normal use, no?
its looks like a mechanical damage like something hit it somehow.


Sorry. I don’t know the reason. I have not received any explanation from formlabs.


Is there a way to buy these directly from manufacturer as i suppose FL will not sell them seperately since they don’t considder this as a consumable? They did not want to sell resin tray sensor for same reason but that one is laying around here meanwhile (thx to this board!)…

Can you share the identifaction nrs on the item? Maybe that’s a start to source it.

Thank you


The galvo is made by formlabs and you can’t buy it anywhere else.


I don’t know how the mirror is fixed to the motor but I’m thinking of moving the mirror a bit up or down so the laser wont fall on the damaged area.


Status update:

The Formlabs support send the cleaning method + free of charge cleaning kit. I have all the materials required to clean so I’ve performed the cleaning. The optic test went much better but still some deviation from the send model. The 4 parts located in the corners is still a bit conical. The middle parts missing the smallest pin from all 4 that was in the model.

Send the results to formlabs support, hope there is another trick that we can do to fix this.

Here are the results:


That looks pretty typical and I’d say the cleaning process was a success!


Nice it looks much better. So what did you have to clean? Was it the galvo?


There are 3 mirror in the machine, 2 very small mirrors (called the Galvo Mirror), about 5mm X 7mm that each of them connect to a very accurate motor, The last mirror (Main Mirror) is a very large one located below the glass of the machine, you can see it if you remove the LT tank , its almost the same diameter as the glass but is placed with angle to the glass.

I haven’t took a picture of it so here is the picture from the cleaning manual:

It was not much of a work and it was dusty for sure, I could see the dust on the large mirror. I’ve took advantage on the process and also clean the glass from below, it was much more easier then to disassemble it from the top. and some other plastic and metal parts that was covered by the aluminium cover.


Thanks! Happy that you have a machine now up and running!


Thanks, I did some printing and the clear resin models looking good.

Was able to print 1mm hole with no issues.

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:


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