Clear Resin is castable

Hi Formlabs community

I have came across a topic in a forum related to whether Clear Resin is cartable or not, i forgot which forum / sites i saw the post but the owners there are capable to cast Clear Resin. Any body here have try this before, would you mind to share some thoughts?

Many thanks!

I’m curious about this too. I requested a couple of sample clear resin jewellery pieces to test just the other day. Things I’ve read so far is that the clear resin cures faster and it’s easier to smooth out or file before you cast. Also, the burnout has to be more thorough.

The things I speculate about is whether or not the detail is just a bit more sharper and prints clean out better in clear resin, and if having a transparent part is more difficult to inspect before casting. Can we not burnout grey or black resin? Apparently, they are the same thing except for the dyes (which might be the reason).