Cleaning the inside of the printer

Do I need to be concerned about the following stains on the inside of my printer? If so, how would I go about cleaning them? Thanks!

If it’s not aversely affecting your prints (and if you’re not moving your printer anytime soon), it’s probably not an issue. I would make sure you clean the tank carrier––if the resin cures while a tank is in the machine, it could get stuck.

Using alcohol and a paper towel can get the resin off the metal parts. Be very careful not to touch your mirrors. If there is any resin on your mirror, please open a ticket with customer support and they can guide you through the cleaning process.

My printer also shows the same markings and I have not spilled anything in it. I noticed yesterday while trying to clean my mirror from dust. I wonder if its grease from the nema coupling on the Z axis?

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I would like to know if anyone else’s form1+ look like this?