Clean mirror and the Death March

Looks pretty not so bad, eh?


There’s a step-by-step guide from Formlabs, so I’m not going to go through the procedure other than to say “do it!”.

I haven’t had a failed print since I cleaned the mirrors on my own two Form 2 printers, so when I got the third Form 2 as a loaner from Formlabs, it was pretty filthy so I just went over the main large mirror with Pec pads and Eclipse “optic cleaning fluid”.
One recommendation I have that I’m not sure is in the Formlabs procedure is to fold the pec pads so that you’re wiping against the grain of the pad. I can clean the removable glass plate with one pad… fold it in half against the grain, then in half with the grain and in half again with the grain. Moisten the folded end, wipe very slowly. Unfold and refold the opposite way. Now you have a brand new, partially moistened fold. Wipe slowly, then unfold the two folds and refold the opposite way again. Repeat twice more and you should be done the plate.

In other news, does the Imperial Death March play in anyone else’s head when parts rise up out of the Form Wash?


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Can you post the link.

quick google search:

I think this is the one I used.

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Also try this:

Don’t attempt if you’re not comfortable with bringing your printer back from the brink of not being able to ever use it again lol