Mirror cleaning form2

I had a small resin leak with my Form 2 and ended up smudging my mirror. I was able to find the Form 1 mirror cleaning instructions. I’m assuming that applies to the Form2 right?
Also, I have already removed the mirror. Also safe to assume some sort of calibration is needed for it as well as calibrating the distance of the build plate to glass plate on the carriage?

Hey @RenkFasze,

Thanks so much for taking the time to post! I would highly recommend getting in touch with our support team here before going any further. They’ll be able to help you out in the safest way possible.

Correct me if I’m wrong : )

Obviously, opening the machine comes at your own risk and probably voids a few things but
for anyone wondering I used PEC pads. and high purity IPA. Be patient and lookup how to clean laser optics/mirrors. I was able to find an article on cleaning the FORM1 mirror and took some pointers from there.

Do not take any shortcuts and you will be fine.

Make sure upon disassembly you use the proper tools to get the reach and control you need so your screws don’t get out of control and cause any damage. magnetic allen keys are great.

I am currently printing again after a few calibration tests and its running like new : )

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