Cleaining Galvano Mirrors Form 2


I only find more instructions for cleaning the form 1+ galvano mirrors.
But are there instructions for the form 2?
To get to the galvano mirrors of the form2.

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You should contact Formlabs support they’ll send you the documentation.

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This is basically how it works:

What he said, I’m in the middle of doing the same thing on my F2, and I got 2 pdf documents, very detailed with pictures and instructions the support team gave me 2 links to download those.

There is a kit that you can buy from formlabs reseller for the Galvo (cleaning kit). Best chances are if you use the specialized kit.

Finally after cleaning the Galvo you need to print a test file and send it to the support team for evaluation. All of the above are provided from FormLabs Support Team.


Thanks, the video helped.

Hey there friends! Just to reiterate, if you’re having issues that you think could be tied to messy galvo mirrors, please get in touch with us at the link below. We have official documentation we can send you that will walk you through all the necessary steps. :slight_smile:

Formlabs has a kit for cleaning the galvo mirrors on the Form 2 unit. I know as they sent it to me.

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