Chemicals that ruin the cured Resin?


For the past two months or so I’ve been working on converting a 1:16 Tamiya #56020 Leopard 2A6 to a 2A7+ Model but had a mishap when I mixed the color of one manufacturer with a clear coating of another which basically made it necessary for me to strip all the paint off the model again ( time consuming beyond belief ) using all possible kinds of Paint Strippers I could get my hands on… of which one must have attacked some of the ABS parts to the point where they crumbled apart in my hands which just got me thinking if there are any chemicals I should keep a distance from when using Cured Resin parts I have prepared for the model ( like the Headlight Glasses / Smoke Grenade Launchers )

Others will likely have more specific advice, but probably best to stay away from anything that eats acrylic (e.g. see Is there an acetone replacement for resin?).

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Thiscompatibly chart should help

I always use isopropylalcohol to remove paint from old models (or mishaps with new). There are many many discussions on many many forums about how to remove paint from models. I came to the conclusion that isopropy is the best. And it wont ruin your print.