Changing the Acrylic plate of the Form 2's vat

I’m trying to replace the acrylic plate at the bottom of the vat (form 2) with glass.
I’m not sure if the normal glass works or it has to be tempered glass? I really can’t find any 16x16cn tempered glass out there.
Please help!
Thanks a lot!

Glass is known to absorb much of UV light. You might want to check the absorbance of your glass for light with a wavelength of 405 nm.

Hi there, could you tell me more about this? how much absorbance is safely to use? and is tempered glass is better in this case? thanks

Quartz glass is UV permeable, but you need to look for it.

There has been some extensive discussion here before.

Normal and Borosilicate glass(preferred) works fine. Has similar transmittance as the acrylic window at this wavelength. There are some kits for sale to do the conversion yourself and also some pre-converted tanks.


Hey thanks a lot for the information! I will try the normal glass to see if it works

Are you trying to replace the glass on the resin tank or the glass on the printer, that sits directly underneath the tank?

The glass on the printer below the tank is only there to prevent dust from getting to the mirrors. The Form2 will run fine without it, although will need more regular cleaning.

There was someone who was selling Form1 tanks remanufactured with glass bottoms. Don’t know if that person is still around. But if you search the forum you will almost certainly find the thread…

z-vat industries sells pre-modified tanks.

That’s the guy!