Replace Acrylic with Glass. (Solvent / Glue Removal)

I would like to replace the acrylic window in my Form2 resin tank with borosilicate glass. Acquiring the glass is no problem but i’m struggling to remove the original acrylic window. I know there are some people who have already done this, what is the best method? I’d rather not use brute force in case i damage it. I’ve tried heating the glue but this isn’t really helping.



You understand the glass will also require a coating of PDMS or similar material, right?

Also, the Form printing process involves over-compression of the first few layers, the build platform is driven a little bit past the point of contact with the bottom of the tank. Plastic flexes but if you’re not careful, a glass bottom might crack. Especially Boro which tends to be more brittle in my experience.

There is someone selling remanufactured resin tanks with glass bottoms, though, so it is definitely doable…

Thanks Randy

Yes, we replace the silicone ourselves. We have vacuum chambers and curing ovens which means we can get perfect PDMS layers in about 45 minutes. We’ve been doing this for months but because you can’t clean the acrylic with iso i want to switch to glass. I’m sure i could use brute force but i wondered if anyone had used vinegar or another solution to break down the glue.

Well… someone’s figure it out but I can’t remember their user name. If you do some searching you should be able to locate a couple of threads where the topic of buying used resin tanks was discussed.

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That would be Zak of Zvat Industries. He will either replace the glass and PDMS layer in your tank, or swap it out. Check the “Glass Vat” thread, or go to

How thick should the glass replacement be?