Cat hi-poly / lo-poly print and sanding tool tip

Finally having some “me” time away from work AND in possession of a working printer, I was able to print a cat model I designed a while back. I sculpted it in Sculptris Alpha and then decimated a version through Blender. They are both approximately 50mm nose to tail. I had some slight delamination on the hi-res version, but those spots will make the perfect different color paint area (I’ll name her “Patches”). I plan on painting them with a Krylon primer then Liquitex spray paint then Krylon spray glaze, but need it to not rain for a bit.

Anyway - recently I picked up a set of “Hobby Stix” at a local RC shop. These are a set of four wet/dry sanding sticks that angle down to a small point, and at the widest are only about 10mm wide. These are perfect for getting into small, hard to get to areas. The set I got went from 150 grit to 600 grit, and then I wrap some 1500 wet paper around one for a final pass. The four cost $10 – which is pretty good compared to the price of some single ones on Amazon. These are the ones I got (they really need better pics on their site):

Forgot the pic of the sanding sticks.