Casting houses in Northeast USA that work with castable resin?

Searching these forums, I can only find two casting houses in the US that are willing to cast from the castable resin. Is this really so limited? Does anyone know of other reputable businesses that will work with your material?

If not, I would have to say it is misleading to call it “castable resin”. Many of the printer resins are possible to cast from if you use special burnout cycles.

Yeah, I finally came to the conclusion that the castable resin is for people who do their own casting and I’m not one of them. Went through many casters until one spelled it out: the 15 hour burnout, the fact that the prints might not all be cured and the same rate and how he wouldn’t change his casting setup for one print.

But I’ve actually been working with him in another way. I asked him to make molds of my prints to see if that worked. It does. I’ve gotten back 3 casts and they are all pretty good so I’m continuing along this line and sighing with relief because I was beginning to think I shouldn’t have bought this printer.

THe main advice I have is to make sure of your caster’s reputation. I used to have a caster who would bung up beautiful solidscape prints.