Recommended Casting Houses That Work with Formlabs Castable Resin

This is an old forum thread that we keep up to date with our latest news on recommended casting houses. We’re excited to share a big update with a much longer, and formalized list of casting partners that includes a number of European casters and a number of new locations in the US. You can now reference for the full list and contact information.

Please continue to use this thread to share your recommendations for casting partners who work with Formlabs Castable Resin and might like to be included. If casting yourself; we’d love to know about your own casting services if available and any advice for people starting out with this kind of process.

Finding a Local Casting Partner to work with your Castable Resin Prints

Look for local partners that already offer investment casting from 3D Prints, rather than traditional casting foundries. Photopolymers are very different to burning out waxes, but between the different resins out there, the challenges of casting are similar. If someone can cast one photopolymer, they can probably cast ours. Once you’ve found someone who looks like they might already be taking advantage of 3D Printing in their production process, contact them to see if they’d be interested in trying to cast a piece you have pre-printed and prepped. You should send them the recommended burnout process which includes the firing schedule, investment recommendation (R&R Plasticast with BANDUST), and other tips and tricks that should help towards successful castings.

The caster may want to try their own burnout schedule. Many casters have their own processes, and they may come up with something that works better, but it can require some trial and error. In this case it can be helpful to send multiple prints so they can experiment.

The List

When evaluating casting partners we send a number of test pieces that help us evaluate different geometries and features - then we consider how easy they were to work with, considering turnaround time, quality, and cost. We evaluate, then edit or add to the list based on recommendations from the Formlabs community. If we like what we see - we ask the companies to confirm that they are interested in working with our material and are happy for us to recommend them; open to you sending your own pre-printed pieces for them to cast. If you have a negative experience with a partner on the list, let us know.

If preparing your own models for casting it’s important you fully wash, dry, post-cure, and finish your parts as needed, prior to casting.

We are always on the lookout for new casting partners to recommend to our customers and have been keeping this list up to date. Please share your tips, requests for other geographic regions, or alert us to any services you provide if you’d like to be included in this list.

Recommended Casting Partners in the US

AU Enterprises, MI

Avo’s Casting, CA

Best Cast, NJ

Carrera Casting, NY

Golden Century Casting, FL

Recommended Casting Partners in Europe

Belgium, Oroséy

France, Aurigane Protomaster

France, Solyfonte

Germany, Ulrich Wehpke Gmbh

Italy, Microvax

UK, Weston Beamor

UK, ABT Castings

Disclaimer: The outlined casting houses have tested Formlabs’ Castable V2 Resin with successful results. The test prints were printed at 50 microns, and post cured according to Formlabs’ specifications. The tests have been carried out according to Formlabs’ best knowledge and focused on several different designs (pave, split shank, filigree) in a variety of metals. Please note that when platinum and palladium casting is required the designer should first discuss casting their parts in platinum with the caster before sending the parts. Formlabs cannot guarantee the specific results as success may vary depending on design constraints and other factors.

If you’re interested in being featured in this list, please send me a direct message, reply to this thread, or contact


I have been using ABT Design Ltd in UK,

We have done some test in silver and they came out great. We are doing some more test in gold and Platinum next week.

Hopefully the castings in gold and Platinum will be ok.

Will post some pics soon.



We did cast it in 18ct white. Came out great!

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Thanks… very helpful info…

i try company Zero Porosity casting, they did good job on my casting from castable formlab1+ blue resi


Beautiful piece, thanks for the link!

Thank You, another successful casting from, so far the best casting i ever work with


Wow! What a beautiful ring!

Thank You, Formlabs

I would also do casting If anyone in my area is interested. (Southwest) Phoenix AZ.
I am set up for Gold and Silver. (Not Platinum at this time)



Has anyone used as well as printed their own and sent to one of these casting places? How do they compare? Is there much advantage to printing your own over just sending the model (it would take me a long time to go through 500mL of castable.)

My first silver casts , two beautiful pieces. The cross actually used clear resin, a little blur on the edge but proved that clear resin works as well.
Next week I’ll try 18K gold bracelet.


Made a Moon and Star (Turkish style) Ring, but im hoping to do more complex things in the future.
Polishing could be better :grimacing:



I’ve just sent my Form 1 in to be upgraded to a Form 1+. When it gets back I look forward to using the new castable resin. Up until now I had been using clear and making a rubber mold shooting a wax then casting. I am a master goldsmith and would be happy to cast your prints in gold (10, 14, 18k, yellow, white, or rose), silver, brass, bronze or white bronze. Since there are so many variables I would have to see the print or the file to give a price. Turn around time will depend on current work loads. My company is Ye Old Goldsmith Shoppe. My website is and has some pictures of some of my hand made stuff. I don’t have any of my printed stuff on there yet. I’ll post some when I can.

Hi all,

It been a while since I posted, but since my Form1+ had its laser replaced it been performing great.

I appreciate that all the casting shown on this thread is for jewelry and precious metals, but I was wondering if anyone had cast mechanical components in aluminium.

I’m working on a project that would benefit greatly if it were to be cast in aluminium. It’s an active cooling duct for a Beta FFF printer that I’m involved with testing. I’ve tried ABS but due to its proximity to the heater block, melts when the active fan isn’t running.

I could use poly-carbonate but it’s very difficult to print. Having it printed in stainless steel would work, but it would mean adding a lot of weight on to the print head, which isn’t good for print speed. I’ll shortly be testing a FL v2 clear resin version to see how it handles the heat.

I would greatly appreciate any UK casting lab recommendation or advice with this.

This is the mk3 version of the duct –

CAD & Simulations

Mk1 Printed ABS version

Mk3 FL v2 Clear Resin version (still to be tested)

Hey Steve - I might have a great tip for you. I came across JetCubed on twitter and saw they’d used our Castable resin to cast Zinc. It does seem hard to find casting houses that do engineering metals but I spoke to them and they were happy to try some bigger pieces for us in aluminium, I just haven’t had a chance to follow through on that. I’m sure they’d be happy to talk through your application with you and they’re based in the UK. Please keep us updated!

Thanks a bunch for the recommendation @JenniferMilne. I was starting to give up hope.