Castable Resin - Color After UV Post-cure


I’m wondering what the post-cured color of Castable resin prints is supposed to be. I just completed a print and had the print cure in a nail curing station for approximately 8 hours and this is now the color:

Has anyone else had experience with this color change and if not, what’re your recommended post-curing steps?

Thank you for your help!

the color change is normal. It just shows that the resin is really cured. I always have my prints changed color like that. You just need to flip to the other side to make sure it is cured evenly. After that it is ready for casting.

Color change is one of the best metrics for determining whether your Castable parts have been fully post-cured. 8 hours in a nail salon works well for most smaller Castable parts and the color on your part is what we typically see of fully cured Castable. You should upload pictures of your completed cast :slight_smile: