Castable materiel & a little unneeded aggravation

I was wondering if I was going to be able to tell the difference between the gray and castable material. OH yes! The castable is a glowing blue. My first item is drying now, which looks amazing and I lit off a 5 hour print for overnight. I am trying to get a bunch printed and in a box to my caster hopefully tomorrow.

Earlier, I put on my new build platform and a new tank, for my first castable print. I loaded an item, but the PRINT button was not working. The message was “Connect the Form1 to your computer”. I changed USB cables, you name it All of this was when it worked perfectly last night. I wondered if there was a safety switch on the tank. I was a clicking fool.

Finally I got a laptop out and THAT worked so my tower lost the Form1 somehow. I installed the new Form1 program.

Back to earlier computers and infarctions I have a persnickety scanner that liked to lose the USB connection. I changed to Firewire for a while and it worked, but I could go back to USB too.

Tonight I tried other USB ports and all is good again. From1 is happy and printing, but I lost at least an hour tonight fiddling around with it.

Looking forward to about 7 hours from now to see my items now that I know what I am doing and also with a new tank and the castable materiel. I can see that bottle is not going to last very long.

Need to see some pics!?