Castable 02 experience

I got my castable 02 today and printed a file with fine letterings and compared it with what I had done with castable 01.
The results are freaking amazing.

Thank You Formlabs.

Will cast on the weekend and put pictures of my results.


Pls… post pix!

Here are pictures of my results.
Both were printed on Form 1+ at .05mm.
On the castable 01 you can see over exposure.<img
On the castable 02 the letters are not overexposed and you can see right through.
Just right.
I love it.

cured print.

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Most excellant

Her is the casting. It turn out great.

I am not a great photographer, but you get the picture.


That’s a really good casting

Thanks Zachary_Brackin

The new castable resin prints and cast very well.

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Great to see The bottom cast version looks as good as if I used one of my Revo mills.
The quality of the printing and the fact it has a complete burnout are why we purchased a Form 2 . Now I need the new Cast-able 2 material,


I used the Form 1+.
With the Form 2 you can achieve finer results since the laser is much finer.
You will very much like the castable 2 resin.

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@Evert_Gonzalez, is that grid on the bottom what you’re using instead of the usual 2mm base? I think that’s the build platform I see behind it? Is this the orientation you printed, or was it standing up?

Is the wide piece to the right your sprue?

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks for sharing the info… :slight_smile:

I used that grid as a base so I don’t waste too much resin. It is .5mm thick.

The model is 5mm above and is parallel to the platform to save time in printing.

Yes, I put the sprue for casting on the model so I don’t mess up the edge of the model.

Thanks, Evert! I appreciate the info. So the grid works fine, I’m assuming?

I’ve had no issues with the grid.
It sticks very well.

Question in regards to the Castable 02 vs Castable 01 resin … I’ve personally noted for me on my Form2 the details for things like prongs that are very close to each other or if there is a split prong they don’t seem to come out as clean or at all when compared to Castable01 or B9 Creator and Makerjuice Waxcast resins do on my Solus.

Is this normal or should I be worried something is wrong… Once I can figure out how to prevent wax cast from sliding on my Form2 gonna compare wax cast results to Castable 02 and see if the details hold …

Anyone have any suggestions or info on what the limits of the Form2 and Castable 02 are in regards to things such as micro prongs on jewelry


No idea, but I salute you, sir, and all of your ilk. Pioneers claim the grandest rewards!

HI I did some tests on Castable 02 and reliably cast prongs at 0.025mm diameter however the smallest hole in a 1mm thick sheet that I could cast that was a hole all the way through was 0.5 mm. That might be due to me not getting all the uncured resin out I need to do more tests.

It is a $3500 machine we are using.
I paid more for my home theater set up in the family room and it doesn’t make anything

I still use my Revo mill for somethings like tiny prongs but I don’t think a printer out there (at this price.) that is going to do micro pave prongs perfect with any material that is 100% cast-able and turns out perfect rings every time.
We are shooting a laser off mirrors, through a clear piece of stuff into a pool of mirky blue resin.
I personally think is a miracle anything comes out at all .


Prints and casts are amazing, im with you skinnydog. What im bitchin and moaning about is that the failiure rate of the cast v2 vs the v1 is tenfold for me, when the cast v2 prints come out, they are stellar even prongs and casts look awesome!

I agree Anton, I have some V1 and I have switched back to it as V2 fails too much. I need to be able to rely on prints coming out OK and usable in a reasonable time not try and then try again and again. which is what was happening with V2.