Cartridge lockout during print

The cartridge lockouts mid-print is inconvenient.

If the cartridge is near empty and “expired”, just let us finish the print and lock it out after the print is complete. Better yet, why bother locking it out at all? I can judge better than the printer when the cartridge has expired.

Form 2 or Form 3?

I recently had something similar with the tank on the Form 3.
2 hours left on a 24 hour print, the Form 3 stopped the print and notified me that the tank had too many printing hours. Euhm… yes I am aware I accepted that when I started the print.

So the print was sitting there all weekend doing nothing until I came back to press a button to finish the last two hours.

This is on a Form 3.

I had another black cartridge on hand, so I poured the contents of my old black cartridge into the reservoir, switched cartridges and away the print went. But if I didn’t have another cartridge on hand I suppose the print would have been delayed another 2-3 days while I waited for a cartridge to come in the mail.

I have the same problem. The 36hour printing had stopped on last 4 hours because the cartrige lifespan if over… Ok, it is understandable but why not just let us finish the job? Futhermore, there’s still resin in the cartrigde and in the resin tank (over 300ml of resin). Now I need to wait few days for new cartridge to come just to finish few hours of print. Not cool with that…