Cartridge Dispense Valve Not Opened - Fix this already

Fused dispense valves have been around for far too long and I am no longer using a blade to open up the valve on my own. I will be returning all of my cartridges that do not dispense upon receipt as this is a defect that you need to deal with. My most recent shipment had 2/4 cartridges with fused valves. If I can spend the time to open packaging, flip the cartridge over, remove the orange tag, and squeeze the valve, then your manufacturing operators can do this inspection. Inspect them, replace the valve, and stop putting this on your user.

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I’m pretty sure I have previously read that the fused valve is due to the shipping and the rubber ‘self healing’ maybe a small spacer could be added to the orange protector to be inserted into the valve and keep the sides of the valve separate during shipping and storage.

Most of my opened resin bottles leak slightly from the bite valve while stored (flat, everything closed and screwed tight), forming colorful traces down the side of my shelf. Additionally, I’ve seen at least one bottle come out of the factory box soaked in its own resin inside the sealed plastic bag because of the bite valve. The compelling case is that the bite valves are the weakest link in the pressure or seal of the bottle. If you weigh this potential for calamity against having a safely sealed valve upon receipt that you have to take a second to pinch open, well, I think we can find bigger things to complain about…


That just further highlights the issue. The manufacturing controls or basic design are not robust and yet it has not been fixed. There is such a thing as a properly sliced valve since a large number don’t leak and they are still open. Ones that leak are a defect and ones that are not open are a defect. Not sure why I can’t complain about that.