Can't open a .stl created on another pc

Hi guys,

A friend of mine created a project on his pc (i don’t know the configuration). He used Zbrush. Printing was perfect.

Then he sent me the project and i can’t open it from my pc (i use Preform, MeshMixer, Blender, Zbrush), but the friend of mine says that he can still open it. I have no problem to open any other .stl

I can’t find the problem.

(Sorry for my broken english)

Bruno, from Brussels

It is ASCII or Binary STL. The Binary works best.

Obj files are much better to use than stl imo.

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twehr: I don’t know, coz i can’t open it at all or analyze the file.

Jason: U r maybe right, but i can’t convert the file.

PS: i m a noob in 3d printing

thx for ur quick answers

What error do you get, exact words?

Although i tried to open it with several 3d softwares only one gave me an error message: 0x80004005

80004005 is a general error that can be caused by many different things. The problem is almost certainly with the configuration of your PC and not the file itself.

What version of Windows?

Do you have Antivirus software running?

Did your friend send a “naked” STL or did he ZIP it to email it to you?

I use windows 10. I can open every other .stl files with no problem

My friend send the zip to me via facebook.

Dumb question: Did you decompress the zip file before trying to open it?

Yes, of course

Yeah, figured you did, but hey never know :slight_smile: The decompressed file has a .stl I assume. You open one of the various programs you mention, then attempt to browse for and open the file, and… what? nothing?
Could the file simply be too big to open on your computer?

Once unzipped (like i usually do with all files, and .stl too), when i try to open with preform, there is a message explaining the software has to repair the file (but i have the same message for others .stl). Then, preform works “normally”, but there is no object in it.

The file is 65Mo

Apparently the file is corrupted.

I don’t think, coz my friend could open it.

He can open the original I gather. Did you send the file back to him? Was he able to open that one? Just because he can open the original doesn’t mean it didn’t get corrupted on its way to you.

He sent me once, i couldn’t open, but he could (from his pc). Then he sent me a second time, and the same thing happened.

Unfortunately, i m in not contact with him anymore, so i can’t ask him to send me another time.

Post the ZIP and the STL here and I (and I’m sure others) will take a look at it…

Here s the .stl

That’s actually an OBJ file. Just rename it so it has the correct file extension.

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Problem is fixed. I changed the extension file.

Thank for ur kind support to you all.